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Morning Session at ILANIT 2023!


The sponsored early-bird morning sessions are designed to update students and researchers with state-of-the-art methodologies and advanced technologies that will enhance their experimental output. Check out our list of sessions and register to ensure your spot today!

The Genome Era from Danyel Biotech 


Answering the most complex biological questions requires increased statistical power enabled through larger studies, deeper sequencing to identify rare genetic events, and broader sequencing methods for a more comprehensive view. The technological advances built into the NovaSeq X and NovaSeq X Plus Sequencing Systems provide massive throughput and productivity gains, enabling the sequencing of up to tens of thousands of genomes per year.
The Genome Era session will discuss Illumina genomic technology advances built into the NovaSeq X and NovaSeq X Plus Sequencing Systems as well as Illumina Complete Long-Read technology that unlocks highly repetitive or highly homologous regions of the genome that are challenging to sequence with traditional short-read approaches.
Session attendees will learn about breakthrough innovations for groundbreaking discoveries to see what is possible by maximizing the sequencing throughput. The NovaSeq X series will enable your most ambitious genomics ultra-high throughput projects – these are our most powerful sequencers yet!
In addition, we will touch the Detailed Insight into complex genomes by delivering high-quality data for long-read applications.


Session Presenter:

– Agnieszka Grybos-Gajniak, Senior Clinical Sales Specialist, Illumina

The Usefulness of Automated Chromatography in Protein Purification – Tools to Support Your Strategy from Danyel Biotech 


The interest in automated protein purification in academia and biopress is rapidly growing and the techniques have proven to provide gains in protein purity/ productivity and savings in the cost of materials. The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate the usefulness of multistep chromatography and periodic counter-current chromatography (PCC) systems as suitable technological approaches, enabling continuous processing for both resin screening, scale-up studies, and unattended protein purification within the same systems. The advantage of dynamic control functionality in PCC runs with different sample concentrations will be shown. 
The talk gives an overview of different techniques to automize lab scale chromatography and how to set it up on the ÄKTA™- based instruments. 
This sponsored session will cover and compare batch, multi-step, and continuous chromatography approaches in lab-scale (PD), but also in DSP.


Session Presenter:

– Dr. Stephan Pötsch, Application Specialist Protein Purification, Cytiva

Google Cloud for Research Using AI/ML and Data Analytics from Google


Learn about Google Cloud and the solutions available to advance life sciences research by enabling the processing, analysis, and annotation of genomics & biomedical data at scale. Hear about real use cases and how these solutions have proven successful for organizations around the world.
Google Cloud solutions allow researchers to speed up their research, use online bio datasets, ask new questions, and share data in a secure online environment.

Session Presenters:

– Gavriel Mitrani Account Executive, Public Sector, Google Cloud
– Laura Bouaziz, Customer Engineer, Government, Google Cloud
– Romi Goldner, PhD Candidate, at Bar Ilan University, (Sol Efroni’s Lab)

Refine Your Protein Workflow with Advanced Solutions from Merck


Researchers have been challenged to create high-quality samples for meaningful protein analysis, often using cumbersome traditional sample preparation methods. 
The success of any protein biology research, namely specific application and workflows, can be greatly improved by proper selection of reliable reagents, high-precision protein detection and quantification solutions, supplemented with thorough protocols and technical information. 
Merck can support and improve all steps of your protein research workflow. 
The Merck sponsored early-bird morning session will provide all protein researchers with not only a concise overview of Merck’s comprehensive offering of protein preparation products, but also tips on how to choose optimal solutions for gentle protein extraction, high-yield protein isolation and purification, as well as application-verified detection tools for techniques like electrophoresis & Western blot, ELISA and multiplex protein detection. 
In this seminar, you will learn about: 
  • New technologies and approaches allowing efficient protein overexpression and extraction.
  • Tools helping you to lyse cells efficiently and protect your protein sample from degradation.
  • Tools to perform depletion of abundant proteins.
  • Smart ways to perform affinity purification, sample concentration, desalting and buffer exchange. 
  • Innovative approaches, tools, and antibodies for better Western blotting.
  • Wide selection of biomarkers available for analysis with ELISA or Luminex® xMAP® multiplex protein detection systems.


Session Presenters:

– Igor Pongrac, Ph.D., Regional Marketing Manager of Merck, Southeast Europe
– Kfir Madjar, M.Sc., Research Sales Manager & Life Science Specialist, Merck Israel

Finding a Needle in a Haystack – Using Digital PCR for Biomarkers Discovery



dPCR represents a major step forward in the absolute quantification of nucleic acids, which is why this technology is particularly useful to quantifying low-abundance targets. With applications in liquid biopsy, copy number variation determination, and pathogen detection, digital PCR has the potential to heavily impact genomic research. However, fine-tuning is further required in addressing challenges such as accuracy, reproductivity, assay optimization, and research translation. 
The Ilex Medical sponsored early-bird morning session invites attendees to a discussion on how this method of absolute quantification allows you to detect and quantify rare targets, without using a standard curve, with a focus on cancer research. The presentation will end with a Q&A session, where we will discuss how dPCR can help you to advance your own research.

Session Presenters:

– Introduction – Thomas Schweins, Senior Vice President, Head of Life Sciences, QIAGEN
– Presentation – Dr. Kamil Matulka, Sales Development Manager, dPCR – QIAGEN & Foundation